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Fall 2014

Phil 177 First Year Seminar: What Money Buys: Markets, Freedom, and Corruption
4:00-5:15 TR

Spring 2014

Art Fall 2014 SuperSeminar copyPhil 884 The Values of Markets
In the Spring of 2014 I taught a seminar where we considered normative questions about markets, market economies, and the value systems that markets support or suppress. The course began by framing the discussion with classical texts on markets and capitalism by Adam Smith and Karl Marx. Next we considered how market economies frame our systems of evaluation and questions such as:
Do market economies cause us to evaluate too many things in terms of their financial value, or to commensurate the incommensurable?
Do they make us more greedy and self-centered?
Should some things not be permitted to be exchanged via markets?
Can markets be designed to avoid these problems?
Then we considered the debate over the value of markets for progress on social justice issues such as freedom, equality, and economic development and questions such as:
Do market economies better promote individual freedom and autonomy?
Is there a tradeoff between freedom and equality?
Is there a tradeoff between equality and poverty elimination?

The seminar had the guests Elizabeth Anderson, Debra Satz, John Tomasi, and Alvin Roth whose work we were reading in the seminar. Three of them attended the seminar and each presented a public lecture.